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Your magazine’s email subscribers: How to automate sending to them

You are building your email subscriber list right? Building your magazine’s subscriber base via email is job #1. The tools today also let you completely automate the task of sending your stories to your subscribers. Watch this video to find out how: Here is the audio transcript: In this video I’m going to show you […]

Publishing your magazine online: How to do it right

Watch a comprehensive overview (11 min) of the main benefits of publishing your magazine online. If your current magazine doesn’t cover all the bases, you are missing opportunities to reach more readers & subscribers which… naturally hurts your ability to sell ad-space and charge for subscriptions. What are the biggest benefits of publishing your magazine online today? Well, […]

How to create links in your magazine stories to attract more readers

[watch the video below] Here’s tip on linking your stories (or pages) to other stories in order to attract more readers from Google search (it’s fast and free): Keep in mind that many of your magazine readers will land on a story directly (skipping your homepage) and need to follow links to read other related stories (if […]

A quick start magazine publishing solution

If you need an issue based magazine solution set up quickly and inexpensively and yet is scalable to satisfy the needs of major growth, then our IssueManager Foundation Magazine Solution might be for you. WordPress based and open source, IssueManager combines the features of satisfying your issue based workflow with real time blog stories. Get pricing and […]

We launch our newsletter publishing service:

Broadcast your news everywhere If your organization publishes a traditional newsletter and would like increase readership and lower mailing costs, might be for you. Today, getting the news out is a scattered affair. You have your print edition, email subscriber list, Facebook and possibly a Twitter account to update… and you want your organization found […]

Print magazine goes 100% online and gains subscribers

Yes you read right. In January of this year we launched Front and Finish magazine, moving them out of print and into our IssueManager™ web based magazine solution. They were previously printing their magazine and also had a number of flip-book digital magazine subscribers. The digital magazine was not producting a natural reading experience for […]

We launch a magazine for dog obedience competitors

Front & Finish is the leading magazine for those competing in obedience competitions worldwide. This WordPress based online magazine replaces a flip-book style online version as well as Front and Finish’s print version. It features a membership subscription model with automatic subscribe and unsubscribe (P and membership gateway. A new visitor typically sees teaser text […]