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Introducing the ZEEN101 publishing platform...



Publish to Multiple Outlets
...From One Dashboard

Publish content to your blog, digital issues, email lists, and mobile apps with one click.


Monetize Your Content.
Sell Subscriptions. Sell Ads.

Generate revenue like never before by selling content, subscriptions, and advertising.


Put Your Content
into Your Reader's Pocket

Quickly launch and manage native iOS & Android apps for your publication.

Platform Features


Complete setup

Let us help you craft a publishing strategy and build your site and apps. It's all taken care of.

Reach more subscribers

Your articles will be found in Google search and be shareable in social media. With UniPress readers can find you in both Apple and Google Play app stores

Shine on all phones and tablets

Publish once and read anywhere is the only way to go. Responsive mobile design makes this a reality

The largest selection of designs available

With 1000's of designers contributing their creative work, we will help you choose from the best.

The #1 metered paywall for WordPress and your apps

Manage a single metered paywall for both web and apps... set the number of free articles in WordPress and the same number are free in your iOS and Android apps

Easy app publishing with WordPress

Publish to Apple and Android devices with one WordPress dashboard. Workflow has never been so fast. Find out more at

Publish issues

Manage and publish issues in a single click with our IssueM toolkit.

Ad management

Ad Dropper lets you easily manage banner, text, video, and third party ad code. Tracks views and clicks. Offer native ads and AccessAds

Track your readers

Google analytics integration lets you understand how your readers behave on the web and in your apps...  critical to making decisions about your publications future

Publish with the #1 platform in the world

WordPress handles over 25% of global website traffic today for good reasons. It let's you publish fast, is flexible to customize, and has the largest and most passionate developer community around.

Clients say nice things


“The online version of Dartmouth Engineer magazine has created a buzz with our alumni and they love to be able to share their comments with their classmates. We have been able to easily add content, images and links to our magazine with ease.”


Uploaded our last issue last night, the simplicity in the back end and the automated publishing of the stories throughout the site is incredible, and seemed to work without any problems!


I just wanted to send over a great big Thank You for all your help in launching the Field Educator! The new site is live and is working really well… everything was very straightforward for the editors and launch went off without a hitch. It was great working with you guys!